21st Century Smoke 1.6% Menthol 6ct Cartridges




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21st Century Smoke® electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes or vapor cigarettes, are the modern alternative to traditional tobacco products. Flameless, smoke-free and tar-free, our electronic cigarettes allow you to satisfy your nicotine craving in most places where tobacco products are not allowed. Driven by microelectronic technology, 21st Century Smoke® electronic cigarettes produce a water vapor instead of smoke. Our electronic cigarettes look, feel and taste like cigarettes, providing the same satisfaction that you would get from smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette.

  • 6 disposable Menthol Express refill cartridges with self-contained atomizer (cartomizer) in 1.6% Nicotine per ml
  • Each Menthol cartridge is comparable to approximately 2 packs of cigarettes
  • Cartridges are designed for use with the 21st Century Smoke® Rechargeable Kit or Universal Battery.
  • 10 Units / Display — 20 Displays / Case
  • MSRP – $22.29