COB Pop Up Camping Light with Handle & Magnet

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Unit Barcode: 3-65860-80297-4
Display Barcode: 3-65860-80298-1
Unit Weight: 0.5 lbs
Display Weight: 3 lbs
6 Units / Display — 8 Displays / Case

SKU: 80-288-2


COB Pop Up Magnetic Camping Lantern includes a push light activation. Simply push the top of the light and the light will pop up with illuminating brightness. Each light comes with two collapsible handles for hanging, two strong built-in magnets to put on any magnetic surface, and 3 AA batteries. Great for camping or any outdoor or indoor activities.

  • Push Light Activation, the light turns on
  • Includes 3xAA Batteries
  • 2 Magnets for secure attachment
  • Foldable metal handles for easy carrying and storing
  • Safe, Durable, and Saves on Energy
  • 3 Black color and 3 orange/red color
  • 6 Units / Display — 8 Displays / Case
  • MSRP – $8.99 each