Pip Squeaks Surprise Pets and Candy

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15 Units / Display — 4 Displays / Case

SKU: 90-3230


Pip Squeaks Candy And Surprise Toy is filled with one pet toy ranging from monkeys to kittens, to turtles plus more. Each Pip Squeaks surprise comes with 1 of 12 collectible pets, pet matching candy, a pet house with a shelf, a backpack clip, stickers, and a collection guide. Ideal for party favors, birthdays or just for fun.

  • Each Container Includes: 1 Surprise Toy Pet, 1 Pet Collection Guide, 1 Backpack Clip, Stickers, and Candy Pet Food
  • 15 Units / Display — 4 Displays / Case
  • MSRP – $5.99