Sow Good Candy Pre-Pack 4 Floor Display

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Unit Barcode: Multiple
Case Barcode: 3-65860-90294-0
Display Weight: 30 lbs
Case Weight: 39.6 lbs

SKU: 90-290PP4


Display a variety of scrumptious Sow Good Candy in a convenient Pre-Packed Floor Display with colorful graphics. The display can hold 104 delicious bags of freeze dried candy that is pre-packed with the items listed below. This sturdy display is 61.75 inches tall by 15.75 inches in length by 17.62 inches wide.

Item #                      Quantity & Item Description                                   

90-280CB           (8)  Crunchy Bears Freeze Dried 1.5oz Bags  
90-280MB           (8)  Mini Bursts Freeze Dried 4.5oz Bags
90-280PP            (8)  Peach Perfect Freeze Dried 1.9oz Bags
90-280RB            (16)  Rainbow Bites Freeze Dried 4.2oz Bags
90-280SB            (8)  Sour Bites Freeze Dried 4.2oz Bags
90-280SOS        (8) Sour Spheres Freeze Dried 4oz Bags
90-280SOW       (8)  Sour Worms Freeze Dried 1.5oz Bags
90-280SQ           (8)  Sweet Squares Freeze Dried 4.2oz Bags
90-280SWS        (8) Sweet Spheres Freeze Dried 4oz Bags
90-281BE            (12) Berry Crunch FD 0.7oz Ice Cream Bar
90-282VA            (12)  Vanilla Jumbo FD 1.6oz Cream Sandwich

HYPER CRUNCHY – These treats are crunchy, not chewy, and stick-to-your-teethy. The inside expands, doubling or tripling in size, creating the perfectly lightweight, airy treat.
HYPER DRIED – Freeze drying removes 97% of moisture from food, keeping the sweet treats just as crunchy, just as flavorful for years!
HYPER FLAVORFUL – Zero water dilution = intensified flavor without being overpowering. Just sweet or sour enough and just big enough to satisfy your fix in a few pieces.

  • Floor display holds 104 bags of Sow Good candy
  • Pre-packed for your convenience
  • Other pre-pack display options available
  • Made in the USA
  • 104 Units / Display — 1 Display / Case
  • MSRP – $6.99 – $7.99/Each Item