Stacker 2 Chew Gummies Pre-Pack

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Stacker2 Chew Energy and Functional Gummies are uniquely formulated to satisfy your mind, body, and taste buds. Our Pre-Pack includes packs of Stacker2 Chew B12 + Extreme Energy, Stacker2 Chew Diet + Energy, Stacker2 Chew Extreme Energizer, and Stacker2 Chew Sleep.

  • Stacker2 Chew B12, 10,000% + Extreme Energy helps to elevate B12
  • Stacker2 Chew Diet + Energy helps to achieve weight management goals
  • Stacker2 Chew Extreme Energizer helps to maximize productivity
  • Stacker2 Chew Sleep helps to improve sleep
  • 36 Units / Display — 1 Display / Case