Tweaker Extra Strength Sour Apple/Mango/Watermelon Display

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Display Barcode: 000-85000-19192-4
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72 Unit / Display — 1 Displays / Case

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Tweaker Extra Strength Energy Shots will get you through the day, keeping you alert and more productive. It has zero sugar, zero calories, zero carbs and caffeine as much as one cup of leading premium coffee. It’s revolutionary formula of herbal stimulants and caffeine provides a powerful boost of energy without the crash.

  • Sports Energy, Performance, Endurance
  • 2 fl oz bottles
  • 0 Sugar and 0 Calories
  • Health Club Quality Ingredients
  • Flavors: 12ct Sour Apple, 12ct Watermelon, 12ct Mango-Peach
  • 72 Unit / Display — 1 Displays / Case

Shake well prior to use. Always begin use with half serving of the beverage to assess tolerance. Never exceed more than 2 servings daily. Do Not consume the beverage on an empty stomach. While using Tweaker limit your intake of other caffeine products.