Stacker 2 Swarm Extreme Energizer (4 Count Cards)

Unit Barcode: 3-58286-81004-3
Display Barcode: 8-78114-81024-8
Unit Weight: 0.02 lbs
Display Weight: 0.4 lbs
24 Units / Display — 24 Displays / Case

SKU: 10-201EPH-CRD


Get stung by the latest addition to the Stacker2 hive of products. Swarm Extreme Energizer is a proprietary blend of herbs that combines Green Tea Extract, Yerba Mate, and Capsicum. Swarm provides you with an extreme boost of energy when you need it.

  • Extreme Boost of Energy
  • Formulated with Green Tea, Yerba Mate, and Capsicum
  • Melt Fat
  • Power Up Your Day
  • 24 Units / Display — 24 Displays / Case