Chore Boy Copper Scouring Pads

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Unit Barcode: 8-11435-00214-5
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Unit Weight: 0.028 lbs
Display Weight: 1.33 lbs
36 Units / Display — 6 Displays / Case

SKU: 70-911


Chore Boy® Ultimate Copper Scrubbers are machine knit from pure copper to quickly remove baked-on foods and burnt-on grease the first time–inside and out. Ultimate Copper Scrubber pads aren’t messy like steel wool. They will not rust or splinter, making them perfect for cookware made of stainless steel, copper, anodized aluminum or multi-clad. They are also ideal for glassware, barbecue grills, stove burners, oven racks and other heavy-duty cleaning applications.

  • Made from pure copper, these pads can clean anything quickly and effectively
  • 36 Units / Display — 6 Displays / Case
  • MSRP – $1.69