DJEEP Bold Collection BIC Lighters

Unit Barcode: 0-70330-66580-4
Display Barcode: 0-70330-66577-4
Unit Weight: 0.06 lbs
Display Weight: 1.37 lbs
24 Units / Display — 6 Displays / Case

Availability: Out of stock SKU: 50-652BO


DJEEP Soft Touch Bold Collection Lighters have a luxurious look and feel of velvet, with hardwearing protection. It is designed to fit your hand and your lifestyle. DJEEP lighters are comfortable to hold, easy to light and designed to last and last.

  • Soft Touch Effect
  • Metallic with Granite Effect
  • Triple Tank Offers up to 3,500 Lights
  • Assorted Colors: Gold, Silver, Pink and Black
  • Child Resistant Mechanism
  • 24 Units / Display — 6 Displays / Case