Peach Perfect Freeze Dried 1.9oz Bags

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Unit Barcode: 8-10062-68492-2
Case Barcode: 8-10062-68497-7
Unit Weight: 0.1 lbs
Case Weight: 3.95 lbs

SKU: 90-280PP


These crunchy, freeze dried peach candies are the perfect way to get your candy cravings handled without feeling too guilty. They’re just sweet enough and big enough, plus they’re lightweight and surprisingly flavorful! Freeze-dried candy sure knows how to hit the spot.

HYPER CRUNCHY – These sweet treats are crunchy, not chewy, and stick-to-your-teethy. The inside expands, doubling or tripling in size, creating the perfectly lightweight, airy treat.

HYPER DRIED – Freeze drying removes 97% of moisture from food, keeping the sweet treats just as crunchy, just as flavorful for years!

HYPER FLAVORFUL – Zero water dilution = intensified flavor without being overpowering. Just sweet enough and just big enough to supply your sweet fix in a few pieces.

  • 1.9oz resealable bags
  • Peggable bags
  • Made in the USA
  • 24 Units / Display — 1 Display / Case
  • MSRP – $7.99 each