CBTEK Dual Port Car Charger

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Unit Barcode: 3-65860-81421-2
Display Barcode: 3-65860-81422-9
Unit Weight: 0.05 lbs
Display Weight: 0.65 lbs
12 Units / Display — 24 Displays / Case

SKU: 81-430


CBTEK Dual Port USB Car Charger offers fast charging of 2 mobile devices simultaneously while on the road with 2 universal USB ports. Intelligently identifies your device for safe charging at full speed simultaneously, Output 1: 5.0V /1A, Output 2: 5.0V/ 2.1A. A perfect fit for the vehicle cigarette lighter USB charger spot socket.

  • Provides fast charging of 2 USB Type A devices at the same time
  • Charge in the car while on the go
  • Supports various phones and tablets
  • LED power indicator shows when the charger is ready for use
  • 12 Units / Display — 24 Displays / Case
  • MSRP – $3.99