Ultra Start $2.69 Health Pak Daily Vitamin Refills

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This full spectrum “hi-potency” Vitamin & Mineral Supplement is a super vitality, hi-energy, total rejuvenating, stress formula designed for active individuals desiring optimal health and who place utmost importance in how they look and feel. It contains vision support, with lutein & zeaxanthin; immune support with elderberry and beta glucans; super nutritional greens; a free form amino acid complex, with branched chain aminos, for muscular and cellular health; and circulation nutrients for memory, heart, and vascular health.*

  • Full spectrum of 192 power-packed nutrients for optimal health and an extra boost
  • Featuring: Beta Carotene, B-Complex 50, C-Complex 1000, E-Complex 400, Mineral Complex, Sea Trace Minerals, Turmeric Complex, Immune Support, Memory Support, Circulation Support, Vision/Eye Support, Amino Acid Complex, Hair, Skin, Nail Support, and Nutritional Super Green
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  • 12 Units / Display — 12 Displays / Case